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Stress Mangement Tools and Tips
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Dealing with Runaway Anxiety

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In the library of the mind
Building confidence with hypnosis
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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Mind, Body, Spirit and Beyond

Craig R. Lang, Certified Hypnotherapist
299 Coon Rapids Blvd. Suite 105 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Mind, Body, Spirit and Beyond

Helping each soul move from pain into healing,

from fear into freedom,

from sadness to joy,

from darkness to light.

Each of us, at some point in life, can find ourselves at a crossroads. We feel stuck in life, not sure what the answer is, or even what question to ask.

Perhaps you want to change your life for the better – possibly through weight or habit management, stress reduction, or even a major shift of life path.

Maybe you are wrestling with anxiety, indecision or procrastination. You want to boost your confidence, heal relationships, change jobs or even shift your whole career. You need to find your path and get going.

Perhaps your desire for change comes from an encounter with discomfort, sadness or fear - a health or wellness problem you've suffered with for a long time.

Or maybe you just want to explore beyond your horizons, to resolve some unexplained event, explore a past life or a personal mystery, or simply learn more about your higher self.

It can be at this time when the opportunities for growth and healing can be greatest, and your life can change in ways never imagined!

Explore the possibilities
I invite you to Explore the Hypnotherapy Homepage. Learn more about hyposis and see for yourself, the tools for wellness and renewal that are available through hypnotherapy.

Allow me to help you to find your own unique solutions to life’s challenges, because a whole new life path could be just a step away.

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Member of the Circle of Healing Arts Practitioners' Cooperative
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