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Hypnosis Articles

- NEW!!!! Beige cars, evening stars and orange butterflies
A brief glance at the concept of synchronicity, signs from God, and how our awareness becomes tuned to notice the little things that the Universe brings us.

- Overcoming fears using hypnosis
How can we use hypnosis to rein in debilitating fears?
A little fear can be your friend. Like fire and other tools, a little fear at the right time and in can keep us out of danger, and even save our lives. But when fear gets out of bounds, or when it becomes long-term, then change is needed.

- Do It Now! Using hypnosis to overcome procrastination
How can we use hypnosis to overcome procrastination and other blocks to success. A look at some techniques of resolving the inner conflicts within the mind and resloving those barriers along the way.

- Hypnosis for habit removal
How can we use hypnosis to overcome bad habits. Smoking, overeating, gambling and that nervous tick. The human being has so many behaviors that just seem to be hardwired into the nervous system. Yet I've found that most habits respond to hypnotherapy very nicely.

- What to look for in a hypnotist/hypnotherapist
With a number of new and newly-certified hypnotists and hypnotherapists appearing on the scene, what should the prospective client look for? What makes a good hypnotist and what differentiates one from another?

My article series on stress and hoiw to manage it
- Article 1) Stress in your life
What is stress and how does it affect you? A look at the fight or flight response and its consequences in the fast paced world in which we live
- Article 2) How stressed are you?
Some ways to determine if (and how much) you are experiencing stress in your life. What are some ways in which you can deal with the background of life stress?
- Article 3) Dialing down the volume with hypnosis and meditation
In the final article, we examine two of humanity's greatest stress management tools, hypnosis and meditation.

- Follow-up article: Stress Managenment Tools
In this follow-on article to my stress-series above, we look at specific tools you can use to combat stress in your life.

- Meditation and Hypnosis - What's the difference between the two?
What is hypnosis and what is meditation? A look at the ways in which they are the same, and the ways in which they are different.

- Managing Fear - Setting Aside the Burden and Becoming Free
A look at some ways to reduce fear or even to become free of the burden entirely.

- A Short Pattern to Manage Visual Floaters
A technique to manage those pesky dark spots in your field of vision: This was written as a contribution to the book “Through the Open Door, Secrets of Self Hypnosis” by Kevin Hogan and Mary Lee LeBay.

- No you don't quack like a duck, The truth about hypnosis and hypnotherapy
Are you going to make me quack like a duck? I hear this question from so many people. So let's look at the truth. What is hypnosis and what is hypnosis NOT?

- Exploring Past Lives
Exploring previous lives. What is past life regression, how does it work and is it real?
Check out the Past lives page for answers to questions on past life regression and how it can help in the healing process. Then check out the free past life regression self hypnosis script for a way to explore for your very onw.

- Hypnotherapy for Unexpected Psychic Awakening (PDF)
How can we use hypnosis along with other healing tools to help those who
have experienced sudden psychic awakening?

This is a companion to my article The Awakening (PDF), in the UFOs and Encounters
section of this site.

Human Aura Viewing Experiments:
During 2000 and 2001, we conducted a series of experiments, with a multiple-run experiment being conducted at the National Guild of Hypnotists in April of 2001.
The following articles are the published results:
(note: files best viewed with MS Word or equivalent)

· June 10, 2000 Human Aura Viewing Experiment (PDF)
(Published in the Minnesota MUFON Journal July/August 200)

· March 10, 2001 Human Aura Viewing Experiment (PDF)
(Published in the Minnesota MUFON Journal May/June 2001)

· April 22/23, 2001 Human Aura Viewing Experiment  (PDF)
(Published June 2001 on www.kevinhogan.com)