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Past Investigations and Case Reports

Here are a few of the more memorable sighting/encounter cases I have worked on over the years

· Possible samples of alien script
Here are some examples of recent drawings made by UFO abduction experiencers, each depicting writing they have observed or somehow "known" during hypnotic regressions.
I'm open to comments regarding analysis of these

· Lake Elmo Minnesota, 1980 Multiple Witness Close Encounter (PDF)
This fascinating sighting report is of an encounter in which two men observed an anomalous light while driving on I94 near Lake Elmo, MN. They pulled off of the highway and watched it for an extended period of time as it maneuvered a short distance above them. They subsequently discovered that there was approximately 90 minutes of missing time, suggesting that this was more than a sighting.

· Lake Elmo Minnesota, 2002 Close Sighting: (PDF)
This spectacular, brightly lighted object was observed as the witness was driving on a rural/suburban highway. She initially observed it in the distance, approaching from the west. Her view was briefly obscured by the trees, and when next visible, it was just over the tree line, only a few blocks away from her. The brightly lit object illuminated the tree line and may have been seen by others as well.

· Wright County, MN Close Encounter Sighting: (PDF)
This sighting occurred to four witnesses in their car driving west on a busy highway in central Minnesota. Several objects were seen by these and many other witnesses on the road that evening. According to our witnesses, many motorists pulled their cars off the road in order to observe the objects.

· Plymouth, MN Triangle Sighting: (PDF)
One of many triangle flyovers observed by witnesses over the last few years: This big, slow object was seen by a single witness in the late evening hours, passing at treetop level over her house. Like many other triangle sightings, the object was clearly visible, and passed over populated areas, and well-traveled roads. Thus, it should have been clearly visible to many other witnesses. Are there others out there who have seen it?

· “The Flying Fisherman” Carlyle Lake Illinois, 1999 CE4 (PDF)
This close encounter was one of several described by an experiencer whom we refer to as “The Flying Fisherman”. He describes an event which appears to have been also detected by his GPS receiver, and also which may have left physical evidence. This case is still being researched. Additional reports will very likely follow as we further explore this fascinating series of encounters.

We would very much like to hear from anyone else who may have been witness to any of these extraordinary events, or who may have seen/experienced any other unknown objects or phenomena. Please feel free to e-mail me, contact Minnesota MUFON through our website, or report an event directly to the national MUFON organization.

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