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How much does Hypnotherapy Cost?
Session rates and discounts

How much does it cost for hypnotherapy work?
This is usually the second question I hear when someone inquires over the phone. (The first question is "will hypnosis work for me?" - and the answer is that yes it will, nearly every time and for every person*).
I hope reading through this page will help you to see how hypnotherapy can be one of the most economical ways to address your goals and needs.

The typical session is two-hours long and involves approximately 90 minutes of hypnosis work.
During that time, we will work toward achieving your goals, whether they be healing, improvement or simply exploration and understanding.

Hourly and Single-Session Rates:
Hourly Rate for 1:1 hypnotherapy session: $125/hour

Single two-hour session: $225 (10% discount)

However, people often plan for more than a single session - especially when deep discounts are available for more extensive work.

I offer the following powerful healing packages, which include significant multi-session discounts:

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Three-Session Healing Package for $599 (approximately 15% discount)
This is ideal for single-issues, such as quitting smoking, clearing a fear pattern such as a fear of spiders or close-in spaces.
Get the 3-session discount now for three two-hour sessions and then schedule your sessions individually

Five-Session Healing Package for $999  (20% discount, equivalent to a free session)
This is ideal for more complex issues, such as as generalized fear, social, personal or life challenges or mind-body healing through hypnosis.
Get the 5-session discount now and then schedule your sessions individually

Feel free to learn more about hypnosis, and if the time is right, I invite you to book a session with Explore with Hypnosis

*Note: does not constitute a guarantee. All work is custom and results are dependent upon the individual

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